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God's Room [Jun. 4th, 2006|12:38 am]
Flatland is far beyond us


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SATURDAY, MAY 24th, 2003

I am in my house and I decide to take a walk. Since it is just becoming dark outside, I grab a flashlight before I leave.

Instead of the usual houses on the other side of the street, there is a dense, but not very deep, forest before a very high cliff-wall. I quickly make my way through the woods and follow the wall of pale yellow rock. Suddenly I see a pink door in the side of the cliff behind a bush. As if I recognized the opening, I entered the door and found myself in a very small, and very beautiful room. There are many high shelves and counters lining the walls. There are three other doors; an open one directly in front of me; a pastel blue one on the left; and on the right, a pastel pink door.

Every shelf and counter was covered with objects, ranging from very small trinkets, to very large statues and even some jars and pots filled with strange things. All of these things were very, very old looking. One thing that happened to catch my eye was a golden carved angel's head hung very close to the ceiling near the open door. The head and shoulders could be seen, and it's hands were under it's chin in a begging-like way, but the face was singing joyfully, with eyes looking toward the ceiling. It's wings were curved around it's head, almost making it look like it had a feathered aura.

After looking at this figure for long, I proceeded through the open door directly in front of me. The room was dim, unlike the well-lit room before. There was light, but it didn't seem to have a physical source. This place was bare, with only an old table in one corner, set up in the left, beside an open window showing the night sky with a single bright star (may be an addition). Upon the table were many cups and bowls of different age/worth. I easily deduced that this was the final resting place of the Holy Grail.

Completely amazed, I ran home to tell my mother. I explained to her how I found the place, and asked her to promise not to touch anything (I felt that God wouldn't want us to touch anything). She agreed and I showed her the place. I showed her in, excited to share this discovery and as soon as I let her through, she began to take things. As if she couldn't hear my pleas to stop, everything was caught up in her hands as she rushed through the blue door on the left. Several of the beautiful things broke.