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Future Alien School [Jun. 4th, 2006|12:41 am]
Flatland is far beyond us


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Friday, August 8th, 2003

The dream starts when I (my character’s name is Chris) and four or five other people are captured by some creatures (they’re aliens in the dream). When we are all supposed to be asleep I sneak off and find a place to hide under their house, directly below the leader's room. Then my character switches and I become another person, presumably myself. When the guards go to get food, another of my companions and I run out the door they had carelessly left open.

The setting is not a block away from my elementary school where we are trying to reach. Giant birds - two hawks and a robin - fly above us as we run. One hawk swoops down and carries off the guy with whom I escaped but I continue to run and soon come to the school.  There are many people there and they tell me to run closer to the side of the school so the hawks' wingspans would be too large to chase me. The robin, having smaller wings, had no trouble and as I run along the wall someone grabs the bird from the air and restrains it. She brings it close to my face for a moment and tells me I should run faster next time.

I go inside the school through the kindergarten door. Someone informs me that I need to wear a DNA card. I had been running with many yellow cards with my DNA sequence on them so I suppose these are what he is talking about. Not liking the idea of this, I make my way back toward the door. There are people who try to stop me but I manage to evade them.  (The time running is lost) I find myself at a different school. The people inform me that I had been missing for eleven years. Then I notice how much older I am and how futuristic everything around me was (think star trek, almost)

When it came time to sleep, we went to a chamber full of freezing tanks in which people slept without aging. It was our duty to 'water' all the aliens and people who were sleeping frozen.

(This was a recurring dream, this being the last instance)