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The Ritual [Jun. 4th, 2006|12:48 am]
Flatland is far beyond us


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Saturday, October 11th, 2003

I am sitting in someone's room on a bed parallel to another. There are three other girls sitting on the other bed who appear to be slightly older than I. The only face I can cearly remember was that of the youngest; a short, plump girl with shoulder length black hair and very dark eyes. She had an eerie feeling about her features that makes me feel uncomfortable. Bright and eager, but unhealthily so. I know that I dislike them very much.

They begin moving their bare feet to a specific rhythm and hum out a tune I do not recognize. On the floor, under their moving feet is a very large imprint of a blue footprint. It appears very complicated.

I am feeling suddenly bored and stand to leave but the chubby girl is in my way. She says, "Oh please, Laurel! Please won't you dance with us?"

I sigh and shrug half-heartedly. Joining them on the bed, I follow their pattern with my feet. I rise to leave a second time, but the girl is in my way again. With a sickeningly excited face, she announced that I had just performed a 'Wiccan ritual' and I was now doomed. I raised an eyebrow and this and yawn uninterestedly. "Oh, so you're one of those bad Wiccans, eh?"

Her smile fades to a look of confusion and doubt, perhaps even some disappointment. At this I leave.

I then find myself at the grocery store, the deli section. I am contemplating the dream that - although I hadn't yet awoken - had the night before (the Ritual dream above). I began thinking how cool it would have been to turn it into a lucid dream. I remind myself that all I had to do was find something strange in the scene. When I looked down the aisle I was fortunate enough to notice that the same person has walked by twice.

I then realized that I was in a dream already. The first thing I do is launch myself into the air and fly around for a bit, but unfortunately this realization caused my body to begin waking. I move too suddenly and wake up.